Are You Looking For Guitar Inlays

Inlays on guitars or other similar strung instruments are decorative inscriptions put on the wood surface of a guitar or other similar fretted instrument with traditional inlaying techniques.

Bridge inlays are popular on the vintage Gibson guitars. Fingerboard inlays come in various styles and patterns. Often these are made with wood but can also be made from acrylic, crystal or other materials.

Many times a single color or pattern is used, such as maple or ebony. But some fingerboards are created to accommodate several different colors and patterns. This is done by drilling several holes through the fingerboard and then placing an inlay in the hole to hold it in place. Another method of producing a fingerboard inlay is to use the inside of a hollowed-out neck as the fretboard. A thin layer of paint or lacquer is laid over the hole and then pressed down. This is sometimes referred to as a “dome” inlays, and the guitar is pressed into place.

Flat top inlays, as opposed to bridge or fingerboard inlays, are usually used on the tops of acoustic guitars that have no frets at all. These are often manufactured by hand or by machine. Flat top inlays are more commonly found on guitars made in China. Flat top inlays are available in many different designs and patterns, as well as various colors, which make them great for both classical and blues guitar playing. Some of the most popular flat top inlays are the “Wang Zhu” flat top inlays, and the “Kashan” flat top inlays. Guitar inlays have changed the look of many guitars and are now considered one of the more popular types of guitar enhancement. It’s not hard to see why inlays have become a favorite choice of many guitar enthusiasts today.