About Us

Have you got a beautiful wooden item? Want to make it even more special and unique? Then why not add an inlay? I have been privileged to see the immaculate and beautiful inlay designs created and executed by Balazs Prohaszka on the guitars he makes and customizes, though this work can be done on any wooden item.



An inlay on guitars or furniture is a decorative material that is set into the wooden surface. Guitar inlays are most commonly found on the headstock, the fretboard and around the sound hole of acoustic guitars. Fretboard inlays can be used as position markers; and an inlay around a sound hole is a reinforcement for strength but other inlays, such as on the headstock are for promotion of the manufacturer or for pure decoration.

Inlay Materials

Shell, stone, plastic, metal and wood can all be used as inlay materials.

Collectors’ Inlays

Some collector’s item guitars have artistic inlay designs that span the entire front (or even the back) of the guitar.

Inlay Artist

If you want a custom inlay on any item, whether for you personally or whether you are a luthier or a manufacturer constructing something for a client, you can get a professional quality job carried out for you by Balazs Prohaszka at his workshop in Newtownards, County Down, United Kingdom. He is one of a handful of luthiers capable of producing custom inlays with such detail and to such high quality requirements. Contact Balazs here. And this is his site on handmade guitars.