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Guitar inlays and custom guitar inlays – there is a world of difference. With a custom guitar inlay you display your individuality along with your guitar, whether you customise the fretboard markers, the neck, the sound hole, the headstock or any other part of your guitar. A customization can be as small or as big as your imagination: it can be a discreet silver shading or a bold splash of color, a special form of fretboard marker, a solid soundhole surround, a pattern or a picture, an animal or a person and made from shell or stone or even metal.

It’s not only guitars that can be customized with inlays. Any wooden item, like furniture, cabinets, drawers, boxes can all have inlays inserted to make them special, unique, an extension of your personality, a token of your love or esteem for someone and a work of art that will last for many years.

Look at some of these customizations, to the body, the headstock and the soundhole and imagine what your favorite guitar or piece of furniture would look like customized to your design.